6 Aug 2018

Australia Immigration Changes in 2018

Australia Immigration Changes in 2018

If you are thinking of how to apply for Australian immigration and don’t know the present Australian immigration changes, then definitely you will get information from the article. This article is about on present immigration changes and policies in Australia.

Replacement of 457 Visa

Replacement made on this visa with a new name, which applicant must aware. On 18th April, 2017 Govt. of Australia declared that Temporary Work Skilled visa (subclass 457 visa) is replaced with a new name TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage). Implementation is with effect from March 2018.

At present, TSS divided into two mainstream -

1. Short-term stream: This is for employers who are required to send skilled persons ona short-term basis. This visa valid for maximum 2 years. This may 4 years in case of international trade obligation applies.

Short-term visa futures –

a. Mandatory of English language requirement
b. Visa applicants must require minimum 2 years work experience in their occupation
c. Labor marketing test is mandatory otherwise trade obligation may arise.
d. Ability to renew onshore visa under the short-term stream.

2. Medium-term stream – This visa requires for sending highly skilled persons with the validity of 4 years and after 3 years one can apply for permanent resident over there.

Medium-term visa futures –

a. Visa applicant must require 3 years work experience
b. Visa applicant should below the age limit of 45 years
c. Visa applicant must be under the scale of Australian market salary rate by the employers and meet the skilled migration income threshold.
d. Contribution to Skilling Australians Fund subject to legislation passing

Partner Visa

This visa comes under subclass 820 and 801. Under this visa partner or spouse can apply for permanent citizenship in Australia and New Zealand.

Eligibility –

You must be found married or in a de facto relationship with:

a. An Australian citizen
b. An Australian permanent resident
c. An eligible for New Zealand Citizenship

Visa Validity –

a. 820 visa is valid until 801 visa is proceeds
b. Under 801 visa you can stay permanently

Cost –

Approx. AUD 7160

Terms for Temporary Parent Visa -

Once you build your life in Australia you can apply for the temporary parent visa, which is valid for 10 years but not permanent.

Eligibility of temporary –

a. Applicant must have a son or daughter who is working in Australia with permanent Australian or New Zealand Citizenship.
b. Applicant must have a sponsor
c. Applicant must be family test criteria
d. Applicant should be fulfilled health and charter certificate criteria

Cost of Visa –

Cost of temporary visa will be $5000 for 3 years, $10000 for 5 years and $20000 for 10 years

Citizenship Criteria

Present terms and criteria of citizenship are -

a. A person who resides in Australia for last 4 years and be a permanent resident at least 1 year.
b. You must meet English language knowledge eligibility test.