8 Aug 2018

Things you need to know about Hair Spa

Know about hair spa treatments

Hair is one of the core part of our beauty and personality. If you have good hair then it is considered to be the part of your beauty. Everyone in the society wants to get healthy and shiny hair but all are not gifted beautiful hair by God but don’t worry professional hair salon may give the best look as you desire.

Hair Spa - What is it?

Hair spa is a solution for your hair problems. This is a therapy that helps to sustain bouncy, shiny and strong hair. Several hair problems like- hair damage, hair fall and dandruff are dealing with the therapy. 

5 Types of Hair Spa Treatment

A professional hair dresser will first properly examine your hair and will find the exact reason for your hair problem. Based on the examination and discovering the problem they will suggest you the spa treatment. Basically, 5 major problems for which you need hair spa therapy are mentioning below. 

1. Anti-Dandruff Treatment
This treatment is intended to manage unpleasant dandruff that can affect the self-confidence of a person. That’s why spa therapy used to add shine to the hair and make the scalp dandruff free.

2. Hair Calming Treatment
In our PHD Hair Salon, we offer hair calming spa treatment to combat with dry and itchy scalp because dry and itchy scalp can be the reason for discomfort and embarrassment for many people.

3. Anti-Hair Fall Treatment
Though anxiety and stress is the reason for hair fall but sometimes hair fall itself can cause anxiety and stress among us. Spa treatment is containing Omega-3 fatty acids and other effective ingredients to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. Experiencing this hair spa treatment for a couple of months can manage hair fall adequately.

4. Coloured Hair Protection
Most of the hair colours containing harmful ingredients, so this colour can be the cause of hair damage and hair fall. The colour brilliance hair spa treatment guards the colour against sun and pollution and furthermore adds powerful filters to keep your hair colour.

5. Oily Scalp Treatment
Oily scalp is another reason for dandruff and decrease in hair volume. Hair spa balancing the oily scalp and with this impact you get smooth and lustrous hair.

It has been found from the study that hair spa is highly effective solution for some of the common hair problems like-hair fail, hair breakage, hair thinning, dry and dull hair, slow hair growth, dandruff and oily scalp.

About the contributor: PHD Hair is one of the best hair salon in Bondi Beach, known for its expertise in colour techniques, the latest cutting and styling trends and its use of sustainable, non-toxic products.